Published: 10th September 2008
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"I am proud of my country. But we need to unite to make a unified India, free of communalism and casteism. We need to build India into a land of equal opportunity for all. We can be a truly great nation if we set our sights high and deliver to the people the fruits of continued growth, prosperity and equal opportunity" - Ratan Tata.

Ratan Naval Tata, presently Chairman of the Tata Group (India's one of the largest Company founded by Jamshedji Tata) was born on December 28, 1937 in Mumbai, India. Indian and Non-Indian Companies under the umbrella of Tata group are stated below: -

ØTata Chemicals.

ØTata Consultancy Service.

ØTata Elxsl.

ØTata Interactive Systems.

ØTata Motors.

ØTata Steel.

ØTata Power.

ØTata Tea.

ØTata Communication.

ØTata Power.

ØTata Sky.

ØTata Indicom.

ØGood Earth Teas.


ØTata Technologies Limited.

ØTata Teleservices.

ØTitan Industries.

ØThe Indian Hotel Company.

ØTrent (Westside).


ØCorus group.


ØTata Daewood Commercial Vehicle.

ØVSNL international Canada.

ØJaguar Cars.

ØLand Rover.

ØBrunner Mond.

Before joining Tata Groups - Ratan Tata received a Bachelor of Science degree in Architect from Cornell University. Later in 1971, he was appointed as director-in-Charge of NELCO (The National Radio and Electronics Company); in 1981 he was appointed as the chairman of Tata Industries and in 1991 he took over as the group chairman from J.R.D. Tata. Under his dynamic Leadership, the Tata group showed many notable / significant growth and development, some of which are: -

1.Tata Consultancy Service went Public.

2.Tata Motors was listed on New York Stock Exchange.

3.Tata Indica was launched.

4.Tata acquired Corus group, an Anglo-Steel and Aluminum Producer.

5.Tata Nano (Rs. 1,00,000) Car was launched.

6.Tata acquired Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford Motor Company.

Thus, with these achievements he converted his dreams into reality of making India an International Name, as he once said, " The country is now universally recognized as a nation on the move and takes its place amongst the successful economies in the region. The future potential is enormous but the country's destiny is in our hands. The time has come to move from small increments to bold, large initiatives. The time has come to stretch the envelope and set goals, which were earlier not seen to be possible. The time has come for performance to be measured and for allocated funds of the government to reach the people for whom they were intended".

During his successful journey he received many rewards and awards like:

#On January 26, 2000 he was awarded Padma Bhushan.

#In 2007, Tata Family was rewarded with the Carnegie Media of Philanthropy (which was accepted by Ratan Tata).

#In November 2007, he was listed by Fortune magazine among the 25 Most Powerful People.

#On January 26, 2008 he was honored with Padma Vibhusan.

#On February 14, 2008 in Mumbai he received NASSCOM global Leadership Award.

#In 2008, he was among the 100 most Influential People in the Times Magazine.

Thus, an Entrepreneur, Industrialist, Leader, Role Model, Philanthropist and a Visionary not only for Tata group but also for India and the world.

His Vision in life is "One hundred years from now, I expect the Tatas to be much bigger than it is now. More importantly, I hope the Group comes to be regarded as being the best in India.. best in the manner in which we operate, best in the products we deliver, and best in our value systems and ethics. Having said that, I hope that a hundred years from now we will spread our wings far beyond India"

Rupal Jain, Lecturer, Atharva Institute of Management Studies (Mumbai), and I can be reached at jainrupal@sify.com

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